In line with the Internationalization Guidelines for Graduate Studies at USP, the PPGRDF has been presenting significant indicators in this field.

PPGRDF advisors have international research partnerships and carry out research internships abroad. Moreover, the mobility of students and professors has been encouraged by USP and programs by external development agencies, especially FAPESP, CAPES, and CNPq.

The Program offers some disciplines taught in collaboration with acknowledged foreign researchers. Disciplines taught in English are also encouraged. A growing number of foreign students have joined the program, and efforts have been made to prepare them to attend national scientific events. PPGRDF has recently created a discipline that provides training opportunities for international presentations in English.

The program aims to contribute to bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign institutions to favor the international mobility of students, professors, and international research networks.


Access of foreign students to the Program


Students can develop part of their activities online. The disciplines can be taught in English, and the program provides distance learning tools.


The research project planning and development must be defined in agreement with the Program advisor.


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