CAPES Scolarships

The Program has a limited number of CAPES scholarship quotas for Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Therefore, when quotas are available, a selection is made and announced to enrolled students via the Program email. Below are the general criteria for awarding CAPES scholarships from PPG-Reabilitation and Functional Performance/FMRP.
  • – Students who confirm their request for a scholarship to FAPESP will be eligible to receive a master’s or doctorate scholarship.
  • – Priority will be given to students whose laboratories do not have any grants or who have the same minimum number of grants between laboratories.
  • – The scholarships will be calculated and awarded to laboratories separately by master’s or doctorate level and will only be intended for students of permanent PPG-RDF/FMRP advisors.
  • – In the classification and ranking, the merit of candidates for the scholarship will be considered, verified by the number of scientific articles published, the quality of the articles evaluated and the quality of the journal, considering its indexing and percentile, with articles with the highest classification receiving a higher score. in accordance with current CAPES standards. The student’s position in authorship will also be considered, that is, being considered the first, second, penultimate or last author.
  • – Students with exclusive dedication to PPG-RDF/FMRP, who do not have an employment relationship and who do not receive other types of scholarships permitted under the terms of CAPES Ordinance No. 133/2023, will have an additional score in the selection process.