Teaching Improvement Program


The Teaching Improvement Program, regulated by Ordinance GR 3588, of May 10, 2005, is addressed for graduate students enrolled at the University of São Paulo in master and doctoral courses.


Its main objective is to improve the training of graduate students for undergraduate teaching activities in two stages: Pedagogical Preparation and Supervised Internship in Teaching.


The Pedagogical Preparation Stage may vary according to the structure of the Teaching Unit, and can be found in three modalities:


  1. a graduate discipline offering credits, whose content will focus on the University and Higher Education issues;
  2. set of conferences, with experts in Education about Higher Education issues;
  3. activities coordinated by professors involving the preparation of teaching material, curriculum discussions, discipline contents, and course planning.


The Supervised Internship in Teaching Stage is carried out specifically in undergraduate disciplines and the applicant must enroll in the Teaching Unit in the area of ​​knowledge relevant to their course.


At the end of the internship, the graduate student will receive a certificate and, according to the regulations of the Graduate Program in Rehabilitation and Functional Performance, may request two units of special credit.


The Program is optional for Graduate students at the University, except for those covered by the CAPES Social Demand Scholarship, whose regulations require an internship.


The list of students selected for the PAE Program is periodically published on the FMRP CPG website: http://www.cpg.fmrp.usp.br/ 


For more information, access the Dean of Graduate Studies at USP: http://www.prpg.usp.br/index.php/pt-br/pae/o-que-pae