Non-degree students are those enrolled in disciplines not linked to a graduate program. Enrollment as a non-degree student at USP must be made at the graduate department of the discipline or course on the dates established in the academic calendar of FMRP-USP.

Read Section IX of the USP Graduate Regiment about non-degree students:

Article 54 – Non-degree students are those enrolled only in disciplines, not linked to any USP Graduate Program. 

  • 1 – Non-degree students will receive a certificate of approval in disciplines issued by the CPG.
  • 2 – The acceptance of the non-degree student must be approved by the CCP, after approval by the professor responsible for the discipline.

Article 55 – Undergraduate students at USP may, upon CCP approval, be admitted for enrollment in graduate courses as non-degree students. 

Documents/payment slip for the fee.